Frequently Asked Questions

User FAQ’s

(Q) Is the site free for me to use?

(A) Yes the site is free for users to search for entertainers, subject to our terms and conditions.


(Q) Do you charge a booking fee or commission?

(A) No Actfinder does not charge any booking fees or commissions.


(Q) International Users can select their language Flag at the top of the screen if available. Depending on which Browser type the you are using, you may have to refresh the page to activate your language.


(Q) Can we have Actfinder in my country?

(A) Email us at the address below and we can plan to add your country in our next version revision.


(Q) How do I contact the entertainer or service?

(A) Simply do a search in your given area and select “Request Quote” on the entertainers listing or Profile page. This will put you directly in contact with the Act/Service.


(Q) Who is responsible for the booking contract?

(A) Actfinder is an Entertainment Directory and does not enter into or manage booking contracts with members. You negotiate the terms directly with  the Act/Service member. See our terms and conditions page for further details.


Acts/Entertainers FAQ’s



(Q) I just registered and I have not got my activation email link. 

(A) These activation emails which are for your security sometimes take a few minutes, and sometimes they go to your junk email folder as they contain a link. If it does not appear please contact us


PayPal Payments: Decide if you want a 3 month or 1 year membership, then submit a PayPal payment $25 or $75 to  Enter your details in the message box on PayPal: Your name, act name, phone, email and zip/postal code. As soon as we get your details during office hours, we will set your membership up and email your Sign In details for your Profile to you.


(Q) Why do you only take payments in Dollars?

(A) Currency $ Although we are International we have kept things simple by processing membership in US Dollars, this keeps our costs down, most people around the world know what their currency is worth against the US Dollar. Google and Yahoo can tell you instantly. If you pay using the PayPal method above you will have the option to pay in your own currency.



(Q) Do you charge a booking fee or commission?

(A) No Actfinder does not charge any booking fees or commissions.


(Q) What types of media can I include in my Profile Page?

(A) You can have MP3 Sound files, Jpeg, png of Gif images, Video s can be most types including Flash video files. If you you already have a video on great! we made it real easy to link to it and see your video play in your page. Remember when adding photos, dont make the photos too big! when they open they are hard to view.


(Q)Why don’t you show my contact details on the site?

 (A) If someone wants to contact you directly, they can do this using the quote request on your listing. Once they contact you for a quote they will get your phone number and web details if available. You will get the quote request emailed to you directly with the users contact details. This helps to avoid software and companies and people taking your email address and spamming you with junk emails.


(Q) Can I return to the site and alter my Profile details, Description, Category, Images, Video and    Sound files at any time?

(A) Yes if your subscription is up to date simply log in with your member details and edit your profile


(Q) What if I don t see a catoegory the is right for my Act or Service?

(A) Use the Customer Service form to let us know. We will then add the category/sub category for you


(Q) How many categories can I be in?

(A) You can be listed in as many sub categories. Example; Bands, Covers, Tribute, Blues, Wedding, Disco and so on!


(Q) How many states (US Members) can I be listed in?

(A) You can select your desired travel range at no extra cost.


(Q) Can I pay for membership with a check?

(A) Yes you can mail a check in the USA only, made payable to  Please use the Customer Services form to email us for the address details and full instructions.


Agent FAQ’s

(Q) How many of my Acts can I create under one membership?

(A) You can have 1O acts each with separate Profile pages, and all the contact details and enquiries will go directly to you the agent. Remember to save a Profile for yourself if you want to profile your business.

Customer Support: USA/International   Las Vegas 702 947 0849 or Email: