Actfinder V3


Actfinder is an easy to use Entertainment Directory and NOT an agency. We encourage Entertainers and Entertainment Agents to place their acts on the directory.  Entertainment and public buyers can find Entertainers directly here. Simple clean and crisp looking Profiles let buyers find and book entertertainers directly with no fees.


Why entertainers are moving to Actfinder


OK, let’s cut through it all!  Actfinder is growing fast in the USA and now Europe and beyond! Why?


  1. Easily Create a clean Profile with sound, images and video, linked to Face Book and Twitter
  2. Internet marketing features built into every Press Kit
  3. We take  no commission fees on bookings
  4. No premium memberships
  5. We don’t limit geographical regions within your country
  6. You don’t need to build ratings to get booked
  7. Our searches don’t pull in unrealistic results
  8. We give back to a children’s charity with ever membership
  9. Developed by entertainers for entertainers
  10. International Opportunities


Actfinder was founded by a seasoned entertainer and ecommerce specialist back in 1999, who has attended countless weddings and helped plan corporate entertainment events.


Version one of Actfinder was started back in 1999 in the UK and after relocating to the USA from England it’s founder was clear that a professional directory was needed here in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia for both entertainers and the public who wanted to find entertainers and services. So we set about redesigning the site to include all the latest feature, such as flash video like is used on youtube, need for easy to read pages. Links to Facebook and Twitter. At the time we started the Internet was not used as an everyday tool like it is today. We are now on version three of Actfinder and now include many new features for both entertainers and the searching public.


 version 1 of actfinder back in 1999


Here at Actfinder we are passionate about the entertainment industry, we want to give you the biggest choice and useful ideas to make your event and party a big success. Actfinder will continue to be refined and we have version four already on the drawing board with even more features for both performers and the party planner. 


Customer Support: Las Vegas 702 799 9958